Working with Wax

In 2013 Joyce has started giving workshops in her studio in Aalsmeer.

Her workshops stimulate creation from the heart. It is not about what you want to create, it is how you do it. Whether you want to create abstract forms or create concrete forms like animals or persons, everything is possible.

Joyce wants to get you into contact with your own creativity by motivating you to work solely on instinct and not to think about how ‘it should be done’.

After the workshop you can take your creation home.


Time and Place

- All workshops include materials, coffee, tea, soda and some sweets.

- Max. 8 persons

- for private tutoring please send me an email through the contact form

Next Workshops

Friday 17 January 13:00-16:00
Saterday 18 January 13:00-16:00
Friday 24 January 13:00-16:00
Saturday 25 January 13:00-16:00

Studio Joy!
Aalsmeerderweg 239E
1432CM Aalsmeer

Telefoon: 0646 34 22 34